My name is Freedom and I am honored that you are here.  

I offer one on one and group experiences around:

Ancestral/Constellation Healing, 

A Course In Miracles, 


yoga/physical movement. 

I often combine them into an original experience 

tailored for the person or group.  To find out more, click the link below and schedule a free 30 minute clarity session with me. It would be great to get to know you and to see if there is a way I can support your expansion. 

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About me

I am a healer and fitness professional. From a young age, I have been seeking genuine spiritual understanding and inner peace. I practiced Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism for a decade in my 20’s, and after discovering a Course in Miracles in my 30’s, I devoted myself to the core practice of the Course, which is shifting the mind’s orientation from fear to love.  In 2016 I received several powerful “downloads” from my Ancestors, challenging me to release self-imposed limitations.   Under the guidance of my Ancestors, I studied Family Systemic Constellations and Ancestral Lineage Healing under Dr. Dan Booth Cohen and Emily Blefeld MSW, and founded Healing With Ancestors in 2017, in which I work with individuals, groups, families and companies to free themselves from the web of the past.  In 2018, I created and launched two online courses: Peaceful body, Peaceful mind, and Spirit Guided Fitness. Both of my courses combine my two great loves: mysticism and physical movement. I am a certified  200 hour yoga instructor, indoor cycling instructor, an ordained A Course in Miracles Minister through the Teachers of God Foundation, and student of non-dual teacher Rupert Spira. I also hold two certificates of completion of Family Constellation Systems training through my mentors Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld.

My deep desire is to embody and facilitate the dissolution of the seeming separation between people, communities and nations. 

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