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Spirit Guided Fitness is FEEL GOOD FITNESS

Fitness doesn't have to be so freakin' hard

Which feels better to you...

a workout or a playdate?

competition or inspiration?

Would you rather enjoy an activity or slog through an exercise class?

Fitness doesn't have to feel like torture.

Welcome to Spirit Guided Fitness, a free/by donation online course which guides you to your best feeling relationship with your body, activity and wellness. 

The Spirit Guided Fitness course gives you nine weeks of guidance and support in making fitness/activity/wellness choices based on how you want to FEEL, not on what you think you should DO.

Spirit Guided Fitness is for you if:

-you would like to feel excited, inspired and eager to take action when it comes to your overall well being

-you are willing to be a pioneer and re-write the rules of exercise and nutrition science by  acting as pure love energy (Spirit) instead of as a meat-suit (Matter)

-you are curious about the possibility of feeling free and unlimited in your body

Spirit Guided Fitness is NOT right for you if you want to:

-feel guilty and unworthy

-struggle and work hard

-starve yourself

-compete or compare yourself with others

-focus only on external goals such as weight loss, fitting into a certain size, winning a bodybuilding contest, etc

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Hello, Beloved.  So glad you are here! 

I am Kimberly Cartwright, creator of Spirit Guided Fitness, a free/by donation nine week online course which begins Thursday, November 1st at 7pm on Zoom and Facebook Livestream.(Recordings will be available.)

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xxoxoxoxoxoxo, k

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QUESTION: Why is Spirit Guided Fitness free and by donation?  

ANSWER: Spirit Guided Fitness does not come from me or belong to me: it comes from Spirit and belongs to us all! I offer it freely so that everyone has access to these healing ideas and can enjoy the support of the Spirit Guided Fitness community.  

Your donations:

1). allow free access for everyone and 

2). enable me to support my family

Suggested Donation Guidelines:

Share your abundance in the spirit of celebration. 

Choose an amount to donate per class that feels good to you. Perhaps $10-$20 per class, or less, or more. 

The better you feel, the more you allow your good! Thank you for playing your part! I love you. xoxoxoxoxo, k

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